Jst Breathe Travel Candles come in two scents. Mahogany+Wood & Cereal 1st Then Milk. Each Aroma is a blend of organic chemicals that make their inhaling safe for those with health concerns. 

Mahogany+Wood is a rich a luxurious scent that became inspired from a trip to London while staying at The London Edition and The St. Regis in Mexico City, which are two of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world.  #saintsworld got the opportunity during his summer travels with Marriot Hotel Brand #30stays300days TikTok campaign and noticed each hotel has a unique scent that smells like luxury in every area. Mahogany+Wood is A scent inspired by both hotel brands that features a rich mahogany and black teakwood aroma. 

Cereal 1st Then Milk is pure nostalgia!.. The irresistible scent of sweet, citrus-infused fruit cereal, layered with delectable vanilla bean and marshmallow aroma. Some say it reminds them of the smell of fruit loops!

7oz in size making them perfect for travel and fill a room with their aroma creating a warm comforting scent to bring a little of home with you wherever you go!

S C E N T: C E R E A L 1st T H E N M I L K
S C E N T: C E R E A L 1st T H E N M I L K

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