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The Art that brought The Rebirth Vintage into existence.

The rebirth vintage t-shirt and hoodie set were created because of interest in physics, religion, and spiritualism. In all, you learn about the idea of duality, negative and positive, bad and good, Ying Yang, light & dark etc. The idea came together after taking a class called The Power of Myth and Symbol while pursuing A Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In this class, I learned how much symbols affect our society. I wanted to design something that symbolized life's duality and that I felt would hold high vibrational energy for those who wore it and knew its meaning. In the philosophy of The Law of Attraction, it states, in reality, nothing is really “good” or “bad”. Everything [is]. 

All things are subjective points of perception, specific to individual people and what they perceive things to be, what is good for one may be bad for another, etc. So in my making of this design, I wanted to add my creativity to the concept and symbolize it through wearable art. You see A dark dove below with a white dove on top to signify the light and dark of life, or negative and positive. Light always outshines the darkness, this is not philosophy, this is a fact. For me, it’s showing that no matter what my senses perceive I always have the ability to choose my thought of anything and have it be for my good. 

No matter how dark times in life may get there are always innumerable life lessons or perceptions that can be gained and were gained from the experience, being alive right now in this moment to read this and to remember them is a testament to this. There is always a brighter side that can be seen from the darkness, If you ask and allow it to be shown to you.

Doves are representative of rebirth, think of it as a birthing of a new thought, a gift of higher perception given to you in times of darkness, and the laurel wreath placed mid-chest is A symbol of Victory, Success, and Prosperity often seen in Ancient Rome as a symbol of Triumph. The intertwining and acceptance of all of life is what makes us whole beings. Embrace the dark and love it as much as the light, because without either there would be nothing. 

The Rebirth Vintage is a symbol that no matter how dark life or any situation may at first seem, a brighter day is ALWAYS ahead and will forever prevail. Victory is yours for those who believe. All is well. 

 Your Dreams are [LOA]DING..

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