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Embrace the Elements with LOA-ORIGINALS Weather Specific Sweat Sets

Embrace the elements with LOA-Originals Elemental Sweat Sets. Starting at $125, hoodie and pants included, Discover Our 'Cool Gray' set collection. 

As the seasons shift and our wardrobe rotates to match the weather's mood,  LOA-Originals introduces a unique collection that harmonizes with the ebb and flow of nature's thermostat. The Manifestation Collections 'Cool Gray' themed Elemental Sweat Sets are meticulously crafted to offer comfort, style, and warmth tailored to seasonal needs, with each set aptly fitting into the cycle of the year.

The Heather Gray: Summer Breeze ($125)

Starting with the lightest of the trio, the no-lining Heather Gray set is the embodiment of summer's carefree essence. Priced at an accessible $125, this set is as breezy as the season it represents. The heather gray color is reminiscent of summer clouds –  It’s perfect for those cool summer evenings or for layering on a cooler summer nights, ensuring you stay comfortable without overheating.

The Stone Gray: Autumn Tones ($175)

As the leaves turn and the air cools, the cotton-lined Stone Gray set becomes a staple. At $175, this middle-tier option offers the snug embrace of a cotton lining, providing just the right amount of warmth as we transition from the balmy days of summer to the crisp afternoons of fall. The dark gray shade mirrors the season's early shift in vibe, blending seamlessly with autumn's rich and dusky color palette. It’s your go-to for providing both warmth and comfortability. 

The Glacier Gray: Winters Warmth ($250)

For the pinnacle of warmth and luxury, the vegan sherpa-lined Glacier Gray set, priced at $250, stands unchallenged. This set is as serene and still as a winter's night, with its color reflecting the icy hues of a glacier. The vegan sherpa lining is our toast to the conscious, ethically-minded individual, providing unparalleled warmth for the coldest of days. It’s like wrapping yourself in a gentle hug to fend off the winter chill.

The 'Cool Gray' color palette is a thoughtful selection that not only transitions smoothly from light to dark, reflecting the progression from summer to winter, but also embodies the essence of each season. These colors were chosen to connect the wearer to the elements, reminding us of the Law of Attraction's core philosophy – that our external environment is a reflection of our internal state. The gradation in color depth and warmth of the lining in each set encourages us to embrace the present, and act accordingly by consciously choosing your level of comfort by set. 

As we cycle through the seasons, the Elemental Sweat Sets serve as a stylish reminder that comfort and alignment with nature’s energies can coexist. Each set in the collection promises not just physical comfort and warmth but also an opportunity to manifest the energy of each season through conscious fashion choices. With the Law of Attraction brand, you don’t just wear a piece of clothing; you embrace a lifestyle that resonates with the natural vibrations of the world around you.


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